Friday, December 21, 2007

1173. Adding machine, closest patent that I could find for it is number 424,932. A pencil or stylus was used to rotate the disk, with the numbers on the arm keeping track of hundreds and thousands.

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Last year I posted a different one that works in a similar manner:

1174. Seal and window retainer installation tool used for battle damage repairs for a military Chinook helicopter, see item number 154 on this page. The number marked on the tool is 756460.

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1175. Slater's stake, used along with a hammer for trimming slate.

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1176. A quail hunter's bird call, to use: hold the leather part between your index and middle finger, and hit your index finger with the other hand, this makes a clean "cheep" sound.

In Catalonia it's known as a botet.

1177. A spanner wrench, this particular one is for use on strainer lock nuts, text on it reads "Chicago Specialty Mfg. Co., No. 3003".

1178. A multi-head hammer, not sure exactly who would have used it, possibly a tinsmith.

It was made by the M. & H. Tool Company, in Springfield, Ohio.

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